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Tips for Distraction-Free Writing

Have you ever found yourself just staring at a blank screen and you simply can not get focused? Your mind starts to wander on the imaginary ‘ to do’ list of life. How do we get undistracted and back to the matter at hand? Writing!

Here are 3 tips for distraction-free writing that you need to master in order to create your masterpiece.

Writing requires concentration

The best way to boost your concentration is by unplugging from everything else. This means no TV or radio; logout (yes you can) of all your social media accounts; no email and put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ for at least an hour or two.

And just write.

Writing requires discipline

Once you write, then the fun begins. You re-read your work. You edit your work. You re-read it again. Put your work down for a day or two then pick it up again.

You have to keep slicing and dicing until you’ve created your masterpiece.

Writing requires time

We live in a world where instant popcorn and immediate gratification is the expected norm. The truth is, good writing takes time. It’s like a stew, it must simmer slowly.

If you’re missing any of the three key ingredients (concentration, discipline, or time), you’ll find yourself fighting a losing battle when you try to get something written.

So how do you actually create space for this to happen?

A simple solution

Bite-sized pieces to time. I suggest you pick a task and set a timer on for 30 minutes. Only focus on this one task. When the timer rings, take a five-minute break and then do another 30-minute block.

Rules for distraction-free writing

  1. Don’t edit while you write. That comes later.
  2. Don’t format text. Just write.
  3. Don’t stop until you get to the end. If you are writing a blog post, then write a  full draft before the session is done. If you’re writing a book, maybe that means writing to the end of a chapter.

The only thing stopping you from writing is you. So give this technique a try and see what happens.

About the Author: Dawn James

Dawn James has written several books on how to live consciously. When she is not writing, she manages an author education company called Publish and Promote. Learn more at

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